Surprise Bachelorette Party

It was so fun keeping this party a secret from Paula. She said she did not want a bachelorette party. But, from the bridal shower, her sister approached me and said she wasn’t going to let her little sister not have one. It didn’t have to be a raunchy party, but she needed to have a girls day out to celebrate! Her sister planned the whole day from where we’d be picked up, the limo ride, the wineries and getting the girls together for a fun day. She asked if I would be willing to get some games together for the event and I was really excited to help out.

Here are the results of some of the games we played!

  1. Pin the Macho on the Man – This game can be purchased online but I got it from Spencer’s Gift. We used a tie for the blindfold and the closest macho to the man target won a cute blindfold from Bath and Body Works.
  2. Write a tip for the Bride – Instead of writing on cards, we used a Kama Sutra book and wrote in it! Later, Paula had to read the tips and guess the writer. If she guessed correctly, they drank. If she guessed wrong, she drank.
  3. Rubberbands – The premise of this game is that each girl wears a rubberband. There are words that we weren’t allowed to say – name of significant others, husband, wedding stuff, etc. If you catch someone saying something, you take their rubberbands. Instead of rubberbands, we used bracelets. The person with the most bracelets at the end of the night gets the bracelets and wins the prize, a pair of gold, dangly earrings from Express. I used earrings because they had good hearing, so they got a prize that related to ears! Most people were out by the first few minutes as one of the girls aggressively took this game to the next level of competition. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little competition but because I don’t care for this girl’s attitude, it made it even harder to bear. She kept challenging the rules and refusing to give up her bracelets when she said something in error. I told her a couple of times that when someone caught you, you only had to give up one of your bracelets, not ALL of them, but her personality is that she does not listen at all. So near the end of the day when Paula caught her on a word she gave up all her bracelets. I kept mum and then shortly after I announced the winner, Paula. The girl was vocally upset, especially after she found the prize were a pretty pair of earrings. She said loudly, I could have been wearing MY earrings that match MY watch, if you would have just waited a little longer! I pointed out that the watch and earrings weren’t even the same color.
  4. The Question Game – I got the list of questions from another blog, Witty & Pretty. Joel was kind enough to answer in advance. We had such a great time with this one! I highly recommend it. I did take out the extra sexy questions because I didn’t want Paula to feel uncomfortable. We were rolling in laughter all the way to the wineries.
  5. What’s in Your Purse- I got a list of items from online – or something. We were waiting for our food to come out when I pulled out the sheets for everyone to fill out. Each item had a number of points associated with it and the person with the most points would win the prize, a beautiful turquoise envelope clutch. The clutch was so pretty, I really wanted it for myself, but for this game I couldn’t play because I had the list ahead of time. The same girl from Rubberbands kept muttering loudly that suspiciously Paula had many of the items and I hadn’t put in other items that were in HER purse. I did not build a list for Paula, it was a random list from online. I did not warn anyone what would be on the list. She continued to complain throughout the day about it to anyone near her. Mentioning it once is a joke, to continue throughout the entire event is not.
  6. Where’s the Groom- I made cards with the face of celebrities, models, and Joel wearing an abstract tux. Each one had a little saying written on them like a crude pick-up line or something lame, except for Joel, who said, Will you marry me? I enclosed each card in an envelope and placed it on a seat. When the girls arrived, they could choose to sit anywhere. I did have an extra envelope, so I allowed Paula to pick one of the two from my hand, keeping one for myself or to take from someone, in which case I would allow the person to pick from the two in my hand. She ended up just picking one from my hand. Each person opened up their envelope, the person who got Joel, would win the prize, which was a set of OPI nail polish from Target. I wanted to get a ring, but everyone wears a different ring size, so it was easier to get nail polish. Randomly, Paula got the Joel envelope and won the prize. The person from above was upset again saying I had rigged the entire game so that Paula would win. First of all, I did not rig it, even I was hoping to win the game! I love nail polish! Secondly, anyone could have chosen to sit in Paula’s seat. And she could have chosen anyone’s envelope. Thirdly, if I had rigged it, and I didn’t, the bride to be won, so who cares? It’s her day, not yours. Blaaargh!
  7. The last two games were Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather. The entire day, this girl wanted to play Never Have I Ever, then when we finally played it on the way home, she refused to say anything, only wanted to drink to everyone else’s comments. She made it awkward and the game didn’t take off. We tried playing Would You Rather, but I didn’t think the game was good for a bachelorette party. I think it is better saved as a bar game (which it is).

Paula’s sister and I wanted this day to be Paula’s but this girl tried to make everything about herself instead. I apologize that this blog has been more a rant than a review of the day. Skip this next paragraph if you don’t want to listen to me complain.

To begin with, when this girl found out we weren’t going to Sonoma she complained to me about it so much that I had to tell her, if you don’t want to come, then don’t come. When she arrived at the party, everyone was paying for the event and one of the girls took out a checkbook. She immediately said that was the lamest thing ever and who uses checkbooks anymore? I loudly exclaimed that I can’t live without my checkbook, that it wasn’t lame, and that I use it all the time. Why do you have to put people down all the time? This girl then said she new all the best places to go to if we hadn’t planned the wineries yet, which Paula’s sister already had. But graciously, Paula’s sister said we could go to one of them, Tesla Vinters for the almond champagne. Our itinerary was Geary, Wente, Tesla with the intent to spend an hour so so at each and lunch at Geary and a 40 min drive to and from the wineries. The last stop would be Tesla Vinters. After Wente, we all piled in the limo and the driver asked us where to. This girl said with much authority that we would be going to Concannon and then Tesla Vinters. Paula’s sister didn’t even have a chance to respond when the driver was already gone. When we arrived at Concannon, the driver asked us when he should be back and this girl said an hour. We were already running behind schedule. Paula’s sister was saying come back in 20 minutes, and this girl kept arguing for an hour. I was the last one out and I backed up Paula’s sister saying 20 minutes would be good. The girl remarked under her breath that an hour would be better. There is nothing wrong with the wineries she chose, in fact, I love Concannon, but she didn’t plan that day and it wasn’t her day. She could have been drunk at this point but I don’t allow that as an excuse. I told Paula’s sister, that this person would probably mention the next day how amazing her wineries she planned were. Which sadly, she did!

Overall, the party was a smashing success, ending with grilled cheese at Paula’s sister’s place. Paula’s sister also gave out little succulents as favors, which I just adored! I was in a rush to make another party, so I had to leave right away and forgot it! It’s probably for the best as my brown thumb on all former plants can attest to.


2 thoughts on “Surprise Bachelorette Party

  1. Anon says:

    The party itself sounds fun but that girl sounds horrible. Hopefully you don’t have to see her again (same social circles) because it really sucks when someone like that puts a damper on the mood. Some people just need to check their attitude in at the door.

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